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My outfit is called "Goth PA." I hope I win! Everyone thinks I'm hot and no one knows that I totally already owned all these clothes.


Oct. 5th, 2006 04:33 pm
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I am so full of burrito it is like my tummy is pregnant by burrito. BLARGGGGGGGGGG SO FAT AND FULL OF FOOD.

I found a gym near me that charges $30/month. I'm thinking that it's a sweet enough deal that I no longer have an excuse not to gym.

I got yarn today! From Knitpicks! It is pretty! And now I only have 50 crafts I'm supposed to be doing! YAYS!

I've got about 500 projects going on right now at work when I usually have 5. AHHHHH.


Oct. 4th, 2006 05:25 pm
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Women for Women International (WFW) helps women in war torn countries rebuild their lives, families, and communities through financial and emotional support. [My Company] works with WFW to help us better understand the diverse situations that women and girls face around the world. We’ve teamed up with WFW for a second year to offer a volunteer opportunity to our employees.

So here's this awesome charity that gives money to women in war-torn countries, and if I sign up to do it, I don't have to pay money myself even, my company will do that part! All I have to do is write a letter to her once a month.

There's my problem. I am all for helping people, but I'm something awful at correspondence. I'm awful at getting back to PEOPLE I KNOW VERY WELL AND LIKE through email, and that's to discuss things of great awesome. I have no idea how to properly carry on a conversation with someone in dire straits. "That sucks that your house blew up. My house feels like a fire, too, that's why I have to keep my Pocky in the fridge!" I am the worst pen pal ever.

But I want to help! I'm just shit at being social! Does anyone do something like this? Advice on how to be a good person?
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In apology for doing nothing but complaining yesterday, here's a picture of me with a BIG bottle of booze and a little hamburger.
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- I seriously do this ALL THE TIME and nothing bad has ever happened. I think it's only made funnier when I write gruesome things in the memo of Hello Kitty checks.

- I meant to go to bed early last night. I got in my jammies and everything. BUT THEN I REALIZED MY COWS NEEDED A BIGGER BARN. I went to bed at 1. Oops. Dr. Pepper is my friend.

- Why can't I find nice Harvest Moon images, screencaps, artwork, etc? I want a sheepy icon!

- Pictures from Oregon hopefully posted later today.

[EDIT] - Arr.


Sep. 13th, 2006 09:50 am
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Stay Tuned Stay Tuned

Because the best thing to do on your first business trip is to bring along a doll.

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Working on a project that requires inspiration from mental hygiene films from the days of yore. So far I've watched a 10-minute film on an inept wife who can't cook, and wound up watching the whole thing. (I still don't understand why you'd make a cauliflower casserole.) I don't think it'll make me a better cook.

But damn, do I love these things. I think MST3K started it all.
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So my dear friends at worldFrame Productions, [livejournal.com profile] zuppy28 and [livejournal.com profile] chelcday, have been working hard for at least a year now on a documentary about AIDS, and its impact in Vietnam. They joined the amFar trek last year and shot hundreds of hours of footage and did research and raised money for the cause.

And now they're hitting roadbump after roadbump, the latest being an editor's faulty dongle* and a grand theft larceny of very expensive A/V equipment. If you have a moment, please check out their website and shoot them a donation or some words of encouragement. They're awesome and they deserve it!

*To keep your dongle from being faulty, always practice safer sex.
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I was carrying two armfuls of tapes to the 8th floor from the 6th. I made it all the way to the last step, and then BAM! Tripped on the last step and everything went flying out of my hands. AWESOME.
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Our music department has a box for CDs they don't want and won't use. Today I was passing by and noticed 4 copies of R Kelly's latest album, complete with DVD video of "'Trapped in the Closet' the longform video."

This is pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen. And I've been there for 10 seasons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The songs are really godawful, and the video has the acting chops of a middle school drama club.

Nonetheless, all day in my head I keep hearing, "I'm hidin' in the closet, He's comin' to the closet, He's lookin in the closet, He's openin' up the closet..." AND I HATE IT.

If only a zombie would come along and eat out that part of my brain so I could forget I ever heard the song. Like, a barely hungry zombie. Or maybe an anorexic zombie. Because my brain is my friend, as evidenced by the fact that I sometimes call it "brian".


Jul. 12th, 2005 09:05 am
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Dear Night Shift Cleaning Crew,

I appreciate all you do. Really. I know there are plenty of people in the universe who look down on you and think that because you're around, they don't have to clean up after themselves. I apologize for those jerks.

That being said, please stop fucking cleaning up my desk. I'll tell you the same thing I used to tell my mother - it looks messy to you, but I understand where everything is. It doesn't help me for you to put all my VHS tapes in a stack, not when they're unlabeled and my only way to organize them is to spread them out over my desk. That picture you keep moving is SUPPOSED to be on its side. Anyone actually looking at the picture could tell you that it's not a vertically-shot photo. That's the part that makes me think you just have a vendetta against me and are trying to drive me loopy.

And if you are going to move around anything, how about throwing out those boxes at my desk that say "TRASH" on them?



Dear Konami,

I love the Dance Dance Revolution games and think more people should love them, too. In addition to being addictive, challenging, and above all, fun, they're a vital part of a workout for many sedentary, video-game-crazed kids such as myself. I try to get as many people as possible interested in the game. Therefore, I think I should get a commission or at least a nice check from y'all.

For example, last Friday night I was in Best Buy, and a woman was curious about purchasing the latest game for the Playstation 2, DDR Extreme. She wasn't sure what to buy, exactly, and the salesperson in the games department wasn't exactly helpful. I turned to her and let her know that it was a great game, even better with two official Konami-produced pads. I also explained that there were previous PS2 and PSX versions of the game, and if she and her children enjoyed DDRE, she should pick those up. She thanked me for my input, stating she wasn't sure how any of this worked. As I was checking out, I saw her purchasing the game with two pads. A job well done if you ask me.

So think about it, won't you?

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Dear Casey,

Staying out drinking until 2:30am when you wake up for work at 6 = not good idea.

Now go have some more caffeine and water.



Jun. 29th, 2005 11:45 am
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Dear friendslist:

All of you rock and I want to thank you for saying nice things about me when I need them. It makes me feel happy in my tummy, and distracts me from the person at work who just sent out an email asking for makeout music.


While I'm on the subject of work...

Dear freelancer:

Thank you for distracting me by giving me an absolute rage-on for you. Most producers seem to have their spots edited so quickly, and you keep asking for more time, and more VO, and then complaining about money. Every time I think I can't get more angry with you, you one-up yourself. Awesome!

Thank you,


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