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I haven't seen anyone post this yet. Slackers. Teaser Trailer for Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix. Release on July 13. Eeeeee.

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Ravenclaw scarf didn't arrive in time. ::pouts::
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I'm too lazy to search for the thread, but at some point, [livejournal.com profile] jaina told me she'd rescind the hit out on my life if I followed through on a silly suggestion I had made for HP/Utena fic. Hopefully I live to tell the tale.

If you know Utena but not HP, you should understand. Sorta. Spoilers for the latest book.
If you know HP but not Utena, um... You might wanna move along. Some people who know Utena don't even get Utena.

So it's poorly-thought-out crossover time, kids! )


Jul. 19th, 2005 09:01 am
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The Poll function wouldn't let me write as much as I wanted, so I pose this question to y'all in basic form:

What's worse?

1. This listing of pretty much every pairing imaginable in the HP universe, involving characters who have/will never meet, characters who have never appeared and were mentioned by name only, beastiality, incest, and silly pairing names.

2. This account posted by a non-child (agewise, anyway), ranting and raving that she had to wait a few more minutes for her non-special HBP book because she lost the costume contest to a child. Also, the fact that almost everyone who comments gives a resounding "Hear, hear!" and not a resounding "What fuck wrong you?"

And I started writing this just as [livejournal.com profile] prettykate came in and said, "Man, am I sick of hearing about Harry Potter on my friendslist."
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Heeee. Yeah, this pretty much sums it up.

[EDIT] Also, the expression in the last panel of Friday's Penny Arcade is my favourite thing ever right now.
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Finished! (Hey, I didn't get my book at midnight like some, and then we went shopping, and had dinner, and saw a movie...)

Spoiler: Light )
Spoiler: Big )
Spoiler: Medium-sized )

So in short, Ginny dies, Lupin's a spy for Voldemort, and the Half-Blood Prince is Hagrid. Bwa ha ha.
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I don't like spoilers. I avoid them like the plague, or something similarly yucky. That being said, I'm a fast reader, and I plan on getting my copy of HP & HBP tomorrow, if not v. late tonight. If any of you so much as post a peep of a spoiler before I am done with the book (so, not until Monday then), I will rip out your liver and wear it as a jaunty beret, do you understand me?



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