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I want to ignore it.

I want to cry some more.

I want to call him and scream at him again and call him out as the passive-aggressive coward he is.

I want to send her my list.

I wanted to know his OC name so I could see with my own eyes his cheating on me, as his participation there is when I noticed, "Oh the boy who says he's not interested in sex is complimenting the girly pictures and porn. Lovely." It's also when he got secretive and disallowing of me on his computer.

I want to set him on fire if it turns out I've done all this harassing and hair pulling to get him out of unemployment and she gets the guy who instantly gets a job for her.

I want the money to be able to purchase everything he's touched or bought me because it's filthy and I want to throw it out.

I want her to know he's not a god; he's not even a man.

I want a new box of tissues.

I want a ride to Hamilton.

I want him to be a responsible adult.

I want this to all go away. As quickly as possible.

I want her to know it's very good of her to draw him as a weasel.

I want sleep.
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For breakfast, I had a green tea frappuccino and white cheese pastry thingie from Starbucks. Then I ate a munchkin, and then I had approximately 10 gajillion* cups of tea.

For lunch, I ordered Chinese food with [livejournal.com profile] spuffylover24, and then got a GIANT WAFFLE CONE OF GELATO with [livejournal.com profile] prettykate. But both are very good. Yum yum.

*Margin of error +- 10 gajillion.
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I think this pretty much goes to prove that thing about horoscopes being easily interpreted to whatever you want them to mean.

"This month opens up with love as its central theme. With a delicious New Moon in your seventh house on July 6th, it looks like a new partnership should be entering your world. It can also herald the renewal of a current connection that's been drifting down a slightly unexciting path lately. This New Moon wants you to be blissfully happy and in love, so set your sights on a situation that has the promise of a long-lasting commitment in it. While romance is certainly part of the package, this connection should also bring with it a sense of support and security. You need a partner, Capricorn!"

STFU, horoscope.


Jun. 29th, 2005 11:45 am
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Dear friendslist:

All of you rock and I want to thank you for saying nice things about me when I need them. It makes me feel happy in my tummy, and distracts me from the person at work who just sent out an email asking for makeout music.


While I'm on the subject of work...

Dear freelancer:

Thank you for distracting me by giving me an absolute rage-on for you. Most producers seem to have their spots edited so quickly, and you keep asking for more time, and more VO, and then complaining about money. Every time I think I can't get more angry with you, you one-up yourself. Awesome!

Thank you,


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