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[livejournal.com profile] flyinglobster linked to this in my previous post with the kitty in the window. I know that probably 90% of these are photomanips, but I don't care, because they make me laugh.

Cats are in UR ____________, __(verb)ing_______ UR ____________.
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And for yet another video post today...Weird Al's latest, "White and Nerdy".

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While checking the TSA website to see if all knitting needles are allowed, or just plastic ones, I saw this on the main page, under what liquids you can carry on flights:

Up to 4 oz. of essential non-prescription liquid medications including saline solution, eye care products and KY jelly.

Man, I know the airlines are trying everything to make more people fly these days, but I didn't know free permission to join the mile-high club was included in my ticket! Maybe jetBlue also has increased bathroom size in addition to more legroom. Hopefully there are no snakes on my plane.
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P. Diddy wants to work together with Robbie Williams. I think their conversation would go something like this:

What?  I thought it was funny.
What? I thought it was funny.

New icon!

Sep. 2nd, 2006 11:57 pm
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I am so witty.
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OMG I think I need the Purity Princess Survivor Kit (discussions have ensued that possibly she meant "survival kit"). From the poorly-worded description to the ugly packaging, to the insane price tag ($65!!), it's everything I've always wanted. After sex.

Ooh ooh! Purity Ring Party! I need one of those, too! C'mon, let's have one! Better yet, let's host a Purity Ring Party at the same time as one of those sex toy parties! Then we can be all, "What? If I'm not having sex, I need a new vibrator." And the Purity Ring Party includes such discussions as "Are you a Woman or a Wife?" Because you can only be one at a time, I guess. And all women are wanton whores begging for sex from anyone while wives only do it for the babies.

[Poll #810315]
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From Forbidden Planet!


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While at evite, trying to get somebody's address (you know who you are), I saw the following ad on the side. I think I love it.
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What are you doing checking Livejournal? You should be watching the Sci-Fi channel, and the premiere of "Who Wants to Be A Superhero?" Because, oh. Dear God.

[Edit] You can go to their site and make your own superhero. I made Arrrrlene Scurvy!

[Edit 2] Major Victory is teh win. Oh, man. And when Lemuria stopped to save the little girl, I got all verklempt. I don't even care how ridiculous her outfit is.

And I'm pretty sure Man-Faye was in the auditions.
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Hey Kids!

Why are Casey's innards upset with her?

1. The chocolate-coated granola bar she had for breakfast
2. The two Munchkins and the lollipop she ingested before noon
3. The large cone of chocolate pepper gelato she had for lunch
4. The Chicken McNugget happy meal she had for early dinner
5. The 3 Chips Ahoy 100-calorie packs and two glasses of milk she had immediately following the happy meal

Oof. Ima gonna go walk it off since I have to drop off mail at the post office. Hopefully I can sweat it all out.
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Our music department has a box for CDs they don't want and won't use. Today I was passing by and noticed 4 copies of R Kelly's latest album, complete with DVD video of "'Trapped in the Closet' the longform video."

This is pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen. And I've been there for 10 seasons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The songs are really godawful, and the video has the acting chops of a middle school drama club.

Nonetheless, all day in my head I keep hearing, "I'm hidin' in the closet, He's comin' to the closet, He's lookin in the closet, He's openin' up the closet..." AND I HATE IT.

If only a zombie would come along and eat out that part of my brain so I could forget I ever heard the song. Like, a barely hungry zombie. Or maybe an anorexic zombie. Because my brain is my friend, as evidenced by the fact that I sometimes call it "brian".


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