Oct. 4th, 2006 05:25 pm
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Women for Women International (WFW) helps women in war torn countries rebuild their lives, families, and communities through financial and emotional support. [My Company] works with WFW to help us better understand the diverse situations that women and girls face around the world. We’ve teamed up with WFW for a second year to offer a volunteer opportunity to our employees.

So here's this awesome charity that gives money to women in war-torn countries, and if I sign up to do it, I don't have to pay money myself even, my company will do that part! All I have to do is write a letter to her once a month.

There's my problem. I am all for helping people, but I'm something awful at correspondence. I'm awful at getting back to PEOPLE I KNOW VERY WELL AND LIKE through email, and that's to discuss things of great awesome. I have no idea how to properly carry on a conversation with someone in dire straits. "That sucks that your house blew up. My house feels like a fire, too, that's why I have to keep my Pocky in the fridge!" I am the worst pen pal ever.

But I want to help! I'm just shit at being social! Does anyone do something like this? Advice on how to be a good person?
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Ladies and gentlemen, I, [ profile] fadingembers, of my own free will, for a full meal, am eating a salad. DRY.
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So my dear friends at worldFrame Productions, [ profile] zuppy28 and [ profile] chelcday, have been working hard for at least a year now on a documentary about AIDS, and its impact in Vietnam. They joined the amFar trek last year and shot hundreds of hours of footage and did research and raised money for the cause.

And now they're hitting roadbump after roadbump, the latest being an editor's faulty dongle* and a grand theft larceny of very expensive A/V equipment. If you have a moment, please check out their website and shoot them a donation or some words of encouragement. They're awesome and they deserve it!

*To keep your dongle from being faulty, always practice safer sex.
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Surf lesson yesterday was awesome. I can say awesome now that I'm a day removed from it. At the time I was ready to cry and I was frustrated and I didn't even get a chance to stand up on the board, and just wanted to go home and shower and vomit up all the sea water I swallowed, but now I can say I'd do it again. I ache in my muscles from my wrists up to my shoulders and pecs, and then in my upper abs (the underboob bits). Also, my ass. My knees hurt superficially from falling on them a million times, and they look all scuffed up like I'm a little rapscallion from Lil Rascals or somesuch.

I think I didn't do very well because I have very little upperbody strength. My legs are strong, and I subway surf enough to believe I could keep my balance on a wave, but the whole GETTING TO standing up bit seems to be all arms, and those don't work very well. Maybe I'll do pushups until the next time I get a lesson.

Kirk stayed on the beach and read, and he was a bit aways from the class. But he said he could see me when I stood up out of the water, because I was the one in the wetsuit with the palest legs. AWESOME.
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I just signed up for my very first surfing class. At the end of this two hours, I will totally know how to paddle myself out into the ocean. Snoogans.

... eeeee!


Aug. 18th, 2005 04:26 pm
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Hostels across Hawaii seem to run $15-40 per night. That would mean my biggest cost would be airfare out there. Graned, airfare to Hawaii is pretty friggin expensive, but I imagine it's better to have expensive airfare and cheap housing than expensive airfare and expensive housing, ne?

Was contemplating possibility of going out before Thanksgiving. I could take off a week and a half (work gives us off Thursday and Friday) and just go hang out and sip pina coladas all day on the beach. Average climate looks like it'd be in the seventies, which would be lovely as compared to what it'll be here. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Think I can find deals as it gets closer, though really, I don't think tourism to Hawaii is really going down anytime soon.
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So I realized I keep talking about "Yeah, I can go live my life now and do things and I'm gonna do stuff!" without actually outlining anything. I wanted to make a list of things I absotively posolutely need to accomplish before I'm dead dammit (provided death comes from old age and not a freak accident involving a trapeze, a low-flying helicopter, a flock of seagulls, and the Hudson river or something).

And while I was formulating this list in my head, I thought, "Say, I feel like I've done this before..." and realized I had. At some point in high school. When I was home this weekend, I dug through my closet to find my old journal (before the internets, we wrote our journals in pencil and paper and wrote "KEEP OUT" all over them because there were incredibly important things in there, like how hot Mark-Paul Gosselaar was) and found this old list of things High School Casey needed to accomplish.


Well, it's good to point out that most of the things I was really serious about, I've accomplished, and that feels pretty good. Sadly, I don't think I'll ever have that torrid affair with Ben Affleck, and that doctorate in psychology is out the window now. But hey, I think High School Casey would be very happy with where Adult Casey is now. I'm sure she'd sneer at her for wasting too much paper and wearing makeup and not showing off blue nail polish anymore.

So I'm making a new list. And no pie-in-the-sky bullshit where it sounds good to keep TALKING about doing it someday. Dates and plans. I'll even start off with something I've been talking about doing for years and finally did.

I want to live, I want to love, I want to learn how not to hate )

I think I'll stop while I'm ahead. Maybe add things as I cross them off. I know patience is a virtue, but I'm generally impatient and will be chomping at the bit to DO EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW OMG if I list anymore. Also will potentially run out of money. This is a good list, though. I dig.

[UPDATE] #5: This place in Oregon has a seminar for $125, and they hold them at least one Sunday a month. Orbitz has a flight + hotel deal for $400. I could make that work by November. Maybe I'll push back the West Coast plans to Deadline April 06? Or maybe since I know this happens pretty regularly, wait until spring when it's not fucking freezing in Oregon. Hmmm.


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