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In the event that I ever get married, I want this for a wedding ring.

Please don't be too lazy to click on that link, because it's the most awesome ring in the awesome world.


Oct. 17th, 2006 12:51 pm
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Holiday gift knitting has begun. The first scarf is almost done. PRAISE ME! That being said, this first scarf seems REALLY LONG, and I wonder if that'll be okay. I'm measuring length against myself, and I have the bone structure of a football player. I'm assuming most torsos come out to the same size, so it'll work out. Yikes.

Conversation from this morning:
Kirk: You make me happy.
Casey: I try.
Kirk: I make you pancakes!
Casey: YAY!

I think I win this deal.
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More Photos Here
Originally uploaded by fadingembers.
Well, there already was a weddin', actually. 20 pics under the link. This is the only one of the actual bride, since the rest are Kirk, Mandi, Desi, and myself making stupid faces and drinking. During the wedding, we pretty much made up the Peanut Gallery, making jokes about the candles falling over or Kenny, the groom, tripping over Sue's ginormous train. The one time we got serious and started in with the crying at the wedding, Kirk leaned over and whispered, "The American divorce rate is now up to 70%." (At the reception, they had framed pictures with huge mats on which we were to write well wishes. My comment almost was, "The divorce rate's up to 70%! Luckily, you've always been odd.")

The reception was about 45 minutes away from the wedding (for those of you familiar with South Jersey geography, the wedding was on Main St Elmer, but the reception was past Cowtown). On the drive there, Kirk and I started planning our wedding, should we ever have one, and it was fun (one of the points is that when the officiant asks, "Does anyone have a reason these two should not be wed?" that we have a microphone just so people can line up and make up funny reasons we're not allowed to be married.)

We proved to be the worst wedding crashers ever at the reception, because we TOLD everyone that we were wedding crashers, we brought gifts, we knew the bride, and we asked that they not serve us dinner since we had already eaten. I did, however, take full advantage of the open bar. Duh.
This weekend was pretty awesome.

- Friday night, Kirk and I went to Beana's, this local Mexican place that gives us ENTIRELY TOO MUCH GOOD FOOD, so we always have leftovers. There's also always a supply of strange customers with silly conversations. This time, a man and woman saw our enchilada and the woman went ballistic! "That's what I wanted! That's what it's supposed to look like! THAT'S what I wanted to order!" "Um, an enchilada?" "Yeah, that's what I ordered!"

- Saturday was just supposed to be quick errands, but involved running to two craft stores that were pretty far apart(A.C. Moore and Michael's), 2 comic shops that were similar distances, and then hung out in Barnes & Noble at least an hour (long enough for Kirk to read through The Exterminators and me to skim the second Penny Arcade collection). I also finished off a caramel apple cider from Starbucks while there. mmmmmmmmmm.

- We also ate at this place called Fresh Squeezed, which sounds like a smoothie joint, but is a little healthy eatery next to a NYSC. I had what I consider to be pretty much the BEST WRAP EVAR there, and a purty damn good smoothie too. The wrap was a "Cubana", which is grilled chicken, rice and beans, tomatoes, onions, monterey jack cheese, sour cream, AND PLANTAINS. It's like a burrito, but SWEET. Heart.

- Saturday night we stopped at White Castle to get dinner (I've had a hankering all week, and Kirk's always up to storm the castle), and discovered they have a meal where you can get 18 and a sack of fries for $9.99. SCORE! Many burgers were eaten, and many "Hey honey! I'M HOLDIN' YER SACK!!!" jokes were made.

- Sunday was a day of sloth and leftovers. We sat around all day and watched movies and South Park and anime and MST3K and ate all our bits and pieces of meals from the two days before. I cleaned my room and organized my yarn stash. Another round of cleaning will be needed before Thursday night, when my parents are coming up for surgery visitation. Like reorganizing sensitive materials into the hatboxes and pushing things into the back of the pyjama drawer.

- This morning, I had to undergo Pre-Admission Testing at JFK. They gave me a little patient bracelet for reasons unknown to me - they drew blood, took my blood pressure, and told me not to eat after midnight. Maybe they thought I'd try to escape. Whatever. I kept it on most of the day out of laziness and a desire to look like I had gone to the MOST AWESOME CONCERT EVER (especially when coupled with the bloody cotton ball taped to my inner elbow).

- Tonight is anime night with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] jaina. Do not disturb us! HAM!

- Started yet another project: The Pirate Queen's Booty Bag. Yarr. Also picked up the current Vogue Knitting, which has an awesome Sudoku patterned blanket. EEEE!


Sep. 18th, 2006 11:48 am
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Weekend was nice. I got home and immediately took a nap after calling Kirk and telling him to swing by and I'd be home soon. I took a nap, woke up at 2, and he still wasn't there, and I remember throwing a temper tantrum about that when he did show up, before falling back asleep. I feel kinda bad about it, though I can't recall specifics. Let's blame it on travel! YAY! (Sorry, honey. I owe you a Coke.)

We played much Harvest Moon. I sat at the GameCube, and he played on the DS, and we discussed crops and cows and it was cute. My character has successfully married a cute doctor, though I still have to be a farmer and he doesn't help! Jerkass. At least my sheep love me.

Zoo Pals!

Sep. 5th, 2006 10:08 am
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Click 4 mor pix lolz
Originally uploaded by fadingembers.
Pictures from the Bronx Zoo two weeks ago, where Kirk and I went for a mini vacation on our anniversary. There was much gooey smooshiness. And aminals. I heart aminals. Click on the pic to see more (and go through the photostream, since I'm too cheap to get a paid account and make new sets).

Uno Año

Aug. 28th, 2006 03:22 pm
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This weekend was our one-year anniversary. I have approximately a bajillion pictures from the zoo (shocker: I like animals and cute things).

Cut to spare you the gory details )
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Kirk and I have been going back and forth on what we want to do this weekend, for it is our anniversary and stuff. I was thinking Bronx Zoo, and some food somewhere, and probably UCBT. And then at the train station last night I saw this week's Time Out New York issue:

So now we're still thinking Zoo (unless it rains, so now I'm trying to come up with backup plans - any suggestions?), but we have tickets on hold for Saturday night's MC Chris show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Aww yeah.
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Kirk sticks his tongue in my ear. Ewwwww!


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Surf lesson yesterday was awesome. I can say awesome now that I'm a day removed from it. At the time I was ready to cry and I was frustrated and I didn't even get a chance to stand up on the board, and just wanted to go home and shower and vomit up all the sea water I swallowed, but now I can say I'd do it again. I ache in my muscles from my wrists up to my shoulders and pecs, and then in my upper abs (the underboob bits). Also, my ass. My knees hurt superficially from falling on them a million times, and they look all scuffed up like I'm a little rapscallion from Lil Rascals or somesuch.

I think I didn't do very well because I have very little upperbody strength. My legs are strong, and I subway surf enough to believe I could keep my balance on a wave, but the whole GETTING TO standing up bit seems to be all arms, and those don't work very well. Maybe I'll do pushups until the next time I get a lesson.

Kirk stayed on the beach and read, and he was a bit aways from the class. But he said he could see me when I stood up out of the water, because I was the one in the wetsuit with the palest legs. AWESOME.
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We've Already Got One! We've Already Got One!

Note how I am living the Thug Life with my fo'ty 1pt 0.9fl.oz.

So Friday night, Kirk and I went to A Salt and Battery, a fish & chips place in the LES. There, he had a delicious Shandy Beer, which even I liked*. Saturday we made our way through the rain and flood to Wine Library to see if they carried it. No such luck. So while perusing every shelf of beer to see if perhaps it was misplaced**, I noticed a familiar insignia on a large single bottle.

"Monty Python's Holy Grail"

I have yet to drink it, as I think I'd like to share it with Kirk in the off chance it's awful, and we can share the nastiness together. Or perhaps I can pawn it off on him, as men like beer. I, as a woman, enjoy fruity and/or colorful things. Like Midori Sours. Mm, Ecto Cooler green.

But hee. This is how we do.

*And those of you who have seen my beer face know how much I enjoy a fine ____ (insert your favourite domestic beer brand here).
**For example, were you aware that Asahi is from Ireland? Me neither!
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[livejournal.com profile] zuppy28 and [livejournal.com profile] chelcday's concert last night was pretty dern awesome. [livejournal.com profile] morgan78 allegedly has pictures.

I left after JJ's "Somebody Else's Problem" and by this point my feet are KILLING me as I walked to Sin-e from 5th ave and 17th st (for those of you who don't know, it's a long way. Especially in heels). Caught the NJT home, and while at the train station, figured Kirk might still be awake and I missed him after not seeing him for, like, TWO WHOLE DAYS. There was kissing and we went and got food to eat (I really did mean to have food BEFORE the concert drinking, but I landed at some sort of prehistoric Barnes & Noble that had no Starbucks. GASP!) and then there was more kissing, as it is fun. I got to bed about 3am and dreamt that Robbie Williams was doing a concert for our network and for whatever reason, was hauling around the billboards advertising it himself. Considering his is the CD in my alarm clock, it's all kinda surreal come 6:30.

And that's why I need coffee and this chocolate croissant! Also, the train was inexplicably packed this morning, so I didn't get to sit and sleep until we were 2 stops away from the city. Cries.


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