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There are these three girls at my train station. To be continued when Im at a computer.


They all wear designer clothes, or at least good knockoffs of designers. They whisper amongst themselves and judge what everyone's wearing - "Is that a hat or her hair?" "Ew, look at her skirt!" etc.

Today, one of their phones rang. The ringtone? Jon Bon Jovi's "Living on A Prayer."
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My outfit is called "Goth PA." I hope I win! Everyone thinks I'm hot and no one knows that I totally already owned all these clothes.
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More Photos Here
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Well, there already was a weddin', actually. 20 pics under the link. This is the only one of the actual bride, since the rest are Kirk, Mandi, Desi, and myself making stupid faces and drinking. During the wedding, we pretty much made up the Peanut Gallery, making jokes about the candles falling over or Kenny, the groom, tripping over Sue's ginormous train. The one time we got serious and started in with the crying at the wedding, Kirk leaned over and whispered, "The American divorce rate is now up to 70%." (At the reception, they had framed pictures with huge mats on which we were to write well wishes. My comment almost was, "The divorce rate's up to 70%! Luckily, you've always been odd.")

The reception was about 45 minutes away from the wedding (for those of you familiar with South Jersey geography, the wedding was on Main St Elmer, but the reception was past Cowtown). On the drive there, Kirk and I started planning our wedding, should we ever have one, and it was fun (one of the points is that when the officiant asks, "Does anyone have a reason these two should not be wed?" that we have a microphone just so people can line up and make up funny reasons we're not allowed to be married.)

We proved to be the worst wedding crashers ever at the reception, because we TOLD everyone that we were wedding crashers, we brought gifts, we knew the bride, and we asked that they not serve us dinner since we had already eaten. I did, however, take full advantage of the open bar. Duh.
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Stacy and Kate chillaxing on the Hudson.


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This is where I ate lunch today!


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off site 038
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In apology for doing nothing but complaining yesterday, here's a picture of me with a BIG bottle of booze and a little hamburger.
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Im in ur tree eatin ur leevs
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Pictures from Oregon Zoo! My walk ended at noon, and my flight was supposed to leave at midnight, so I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] chaosblue, et al, for about 12 hours. My hotel was right near the zoo, so we made a visit. LOOKIT MY PICKSHURS!


Sep. 13th, 2006 09:50 am
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Stay Tuned Stay Tuned

Because the best thing to do on your first business trip is to bring along a doll.

Zoo Pals!

Sep. 5th, 2006 10:08 am
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Click 4 mor pix lolz
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Pictures from the Bronx Zoo two weeks ago, where Kirk and I went for a mini vacation on our anniversary. There was much gooey smooshiness. And aminals. I heart aminals. Click on the pic to see more (and go through the photostream, since I'm too cheap to get a paid account and make new sets).
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Mc Chris is fuckin awesome!


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From Forbidden Planet!


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Hey kids! It's time for another project Casey started that she doesn't really have time for! YAY! These are gonna end up being fingerless sort of arm-warmery gloves. They're crocheted with ribbing and a lace dc cluster pattern. If that's Greek to you, it just means they're gonna be warm and stuff. Whoot.

Dammit, this picture looked much better on my phone.
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Kirk sticks his tongue in my ear. Ewwwww!



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