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While checking the TSA website to see if all knitting needles are allowed, or just plastic ones, I saw this on the main page, under what liquids you can carry on flights:

Up to 4 oz. of essential non-prescription liquid medications including saline solution, eye care products and KY jelly.

Man, I know the airlines are trying everything to make more people fly these days, but I didn't know free permission to join the mile-high club was included in my ticket! Maybe jetBlue also has increased bathroom size in addition to more legroom. Hopefully there are no snakes on my plane.
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OMG I think I need the Purity Princess Survivor Kit (discussions have ensued that possibly she meant "survival kit"). From the poorly-worded description to the ugly packaging, to the insane price tag ($65!!), it's everything I've always wanted. After sex.

Ooh ooh! Purity Ring Party! I need one of those, too! C'mon, let's have one! Better yet, let's host a Purity Ring Party at the same time as one of those sex toy parties! Then we can be all, "What? If I'm not having sex, I need a new vibrator." And the Purity Ring Party includes such discussions as "Are you a Woman or a Wife?" Because you can only be one at a time, I guess. And all women are wanton whores begging for sex from anyone while wives only do it for the babies.

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