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[livejournal.com profile] flyinglobster linked to this in my previous post with the kitty in the window. I know that probably 90% of these are photomanips, but I don't care, because they make me laugh.

Cats are in UR ____________, __(verb)ing_______ UR ____________.
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As I sit around in post-yoga pain, as the hospital decides to call me back sometime maybe if I have to come back in for more testing, I have been alerted to Hello Kitty crafts.

Hello Kitty Creativity - It's in French, but Hello Kitty cuteness is really an international language, ain't it? Check here for knitting graphs of HK.

Hello Kitty Knit-Along - I must warn you: beyond this link are pictures of children in homemade knit Hello Kitty items. CUTE.
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While trying to hunt down "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" online (the biopic of Karen Carpenter and her anorexia as told through Barbie dolls), I ran across this gem, called "Gimme the Mermaid," featuring Disney's Ariel as voiced by a music industry lawyer.
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- I seriously do this ALL THE TIME and nothing bad has ever happened. I think it's only made funnier when I write gruesome things in the memo of Hello Kitty checks.

- I meant to go to bed early last night. I got in my jammies and everything. BUT THEN I REALIZED MY COWS NEEDED A BIGGER BARN. I went to bed at 1. Oops. Dr. Pepper is my friend.

- Why can't I find nice Harvest Moon images, screencaps, artwork, etc? I want a sheepy icon!

- Pictures from Oregon hopefully posted later today.

[EDIT] - Arr.
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I have entirely too much shit to do today to argue with people on the internet, but I couldn't help myself.


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