Oct. 16th, 2006 11:54 am
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Went to Sue's Wedding on Saturday, and pictures will be posted soon.

I'm on vacation this week! So far I've almost knit an entire scarf in a day. Also, I took my iPod into the Apple store, since the headphone jack has been outputting in the left speaker only, and it's a bit irritating. I figured they'd tell me that it needed to be fixed, and therefore sent away for a few weeks, and I'd get it back. Nope. They took it, checked it out, and took a new shiny, non-scratched-up one out of the box and handed it to me. RIP Roxy (12/05-10/06). We hardly knew ye. Well, we knew ye longer than Chibi-Usa, the pink mini iPod. Also, since BLAST (the new one's name) is shiny and brand new, Kirk bought me a little case for it so I don't also beat the shit out of this one. It is pink. Eeeeee.

I picked up Animaniacs on DVD, and I think this show had more of an effect on my sense of humor than I previously knew. While watching, I've realized they always go for the easy joke or the pun. JUST LIKE ME! :D
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P. Diddy wants to work together with Robbie Williams. I think their conversation would go something like this:

What?  I thought it was funny.
What? I thought it was funny.

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Mc Chris is fuckin awesome!


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Our music department has a box for CDs they don't want and won't use. Today I was passing by and noticed 4 copies of R Kelly's latest album, complete with DVD video of "'Trapped in the Closet' the longform video."

This is pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen. And I've been there for 10 seasons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The songs are really godawful, and the video has the acting chops of a middle school drama club.

Nonetheless, all day in my head I keep hearing, "I'm hidin' in the closet, He's comin' to the closet, He's lookin in the closet, He's openin' up the closet..." AND I HATE IT.

If only a zombie would come along and eat out that part of my brain so I could forget I ever heard the song. Like, a barely hungry zombie. Or maybe an anorexic zombie. Because my brain is my friend, as evidenced by the fact that I sometimes call it "brian".


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