Jul. 12th, 2005 09:05 am
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Dear Night Shift Cleaning Crew,

I appreciate all you do. Really. I know there are plenty of people in the universe who look down on you and think that because you're around, they don't have to clean up after themselves. I apologize for those jerks.

That being said, please stop fucking cleaning up my desk. I'll tell you the same thing I used to tell my mother - it looks messy to you, but I understand where everything is. It doesn't help me for you to put all my VHS tapes in a stack, not when they're unlabeled and my only way to organize them is to spread them out over my desk. That picture you keep moving is SUPPOSED to be on its side. Anyone actually looking at the picture could tell you that it's not a vertically-shot photo. That's the part that makes me think you just have a vendetta against me and are trying to drive me loopy.

And if you are going to move around anything, how about throwing out those boxes at my desk that say "TRASH" on them?



Dear Konami,

I love the Dance Dance Revolution games and think more people should love them, too. In addition to being addictive, challenging, and above all, fun, they're a vital part of a workout for many sedentary, video-game-crazed kids such as myself. I try to get as many people as possible interested in the game. Therefore, I think I should get a commission or at least a nice check from y'all.

For example, last Friday night I was in Best Buy, and a woman was curious about purchasing the latest game for the Playstation 2, DDR Extreme. She wasn't sure what to buy, exactly, and the salesperson in the games department wasn't exactly helpful. I turned to her and let her know that it was a great game, even better with two official Konami-produced pads. I also explained that there were previous PS2 and PSX versions of the game, and if she and her children enjoyed DDRE, she should pick those up. She thanked me for my input, stating she wasn't sure how any of this worked. As I was checking out, I saw her purchasing the game with two pads. A job well done if you ask me.

So think about it, won't you?



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