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- ABC Family has ordered up two new comedy pilots, per THR. The first stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence in a situation comedy about a woman politician who allows her niece and nephew move in with her and quickly finds she needs a nanny to oversee them - enter Joey Lawrence.

Oh my god. It's Who's the Boss?, but with Clarissa and Joey! WHOA! And they say there are no original ideas left in Hollywood.

- Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is headlining a new comedy series called Episodes slated to air on both Showtime and BBC 2. The single-camera series with six episodes will premiere early next year. The story, a TV show within a TV show, is about a British couple whose hit show is transformed into a dumb American sitcom when the format rights are sold in the US. LeBlanc will play himself playing an actor on the dumbed-down version. The series concept is created by David Crane (Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You) along with Jimmy Mulville and his Hat Trick production company.

I was at first very excited about this show, especially when they said it was about a British couple, and I hoped it involved the creators of Coupling, who are a British couple who had their show ported to America, there touted as the new Friends, which starred Matt LeBlanc, and then the show could be meta-meta-meta. But it still might be very good. I'll check it out.
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