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2015-12-31 03:11 pm


So I'm mostly sort of locking down my ljs to friends. If you want some hot mutual friendage action, comment here, or just wait for me to notice you've friended me and I'll check you out.

Otherwise, my lj is like a glorified Twitter feed. Which, hey, maybe you're into that.
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2010-11-24 04:52 pm

Vacation Plans

Kirk: Next time we go on vacation, let's go somewhere that doesn't have any children or old people.

Me: ...Hedonism II?
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2010-06-22 08:44 am

Going to Otakon

(At work, there's a bite from a show we heard play a million times where a woman with a thick Jersey accent says in a sing-song voice, "Going to Fashion Week!" so now when I say "Going to ____", I imagine her saying it and this is just one of the ways work is slowly killing me.)

::blows off dust::

We get to perform at Otakon! We didn't get waitlisted this year! WHOOT!

...Though we have been shifted to an 18+ panel. I suddenly understand why movies vie for that treasured PG-13 rating.

So, um, who'll be there? Just curious.
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2009-12-24 10:48 pm

Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas, everyone

The year's almost over! The days are only getting longer! I keep finding myself at open bars!

Have a merry merry and a happy happy, and may 2010 be totally awesome.
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2009-12-11 10:04 am

All we've ever wanted is to look good naked

Also, it's been a long week and I need this.

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2009-10-05 09:26 am

Morning Nooz missed the point, perhaps

- Game software giant Electronic Arts and Twentieth Century Fox began setting up a CG-animated feature film version of Will (The Sims) Wright's latest immersive video game Spore, reports Variety. Greg Erb and Jason Oremland ("The Princess and The Frog") will write the script and Ice Age producer Blue Sky Studios will co-produce. Spore, which EA sold 1 million copies of last year during its first 3 weeks in release, was one of the first games to emphasize and incorporate user generated content, showcased in the Sporepedia compendium.

So let me get this straight. Out of all the video games with really great stories, even to the point where they should've been movies instead of Cut Scene: the Game, they decide to make a film based on a game whose whole point was that players get to choose their own adventures. Also, they forgot that most of the game is wrapped up in evolution, and our country is retarded.
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2009-10-01 09:35 am

Morning Nooz is all about nostalgia

- ABC Family has ordered up two new comedy pilots, per THR. The first stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence in a situation comedy about a woman politician who allows her niece and nephew move in with her and quickly finds she needs a nanny to oversee them - enter Joey Lawrence.

Oh my god. It's Who's the Boss?, but with Clarissa and Joey! WHOA! And they say there are no original ideas left in Hollywood.

- Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is headlining a new comedy series called Episodes slated to air on both Showtime and BBC 2. The single-camera series with six episodes will premiere early next year. The story, a TV show within a TV show, is about a British couple whose hit show is transformed into a dumb American sitcom when the format rights are sold in the US. LeBlanc will play himself playing an actor on the dumbed-down version. The series concept is created by David Crane (Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You) along with Jimmy Mulville and his Hat Trick production company.

I was at first very excited about this show, especially when they said it was about a British couple, and I hoped it involved the creators of Coupling, who are a British couple who had their show ported to America, there touted as the new Friends, which starred Matt LeBlanc, and then the show could be meta-meta-meta. But it still might be very good. I'll check it out.
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2009-08-28 04:43 pm


io9.com's been having an ultimate TV badass poll, and River Tam's been slaughtering all in her path. But today she's up against Buffy, and it's getting close. Seriously, Buffy can kick ass AND she's sane. Unless you believe that one episode where she was in an alternate dimension that may have been a delusion where she was locked in an asylum for thinking she was the slayer and who's to say that wasn't the real universe and the sixth and seventh seasons weren't the ravings of a madwoman I'm certainly not speaking against that but the point is, Buffy's losing and she needs our help so go vote, children! RUN!

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2009-08-28 10:27 am

Morning Nooz

- From THR, FOX's Dollhouse added five new cast members: Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a past with character Echo (Eliza Dushku); Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) will play a charming businessman and husband to Echo; Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica) joins the cast hoping to stop a killing rampage; Alexis Denisof (Angel) is a US Senator heading a witch hunt to track the hidden organization; and Keith Carradine (Dexter) becomes an arch rival of Dollhouse leader Adelle.

So everyone on my Flist and Facebook and Twatter has been all excited about Summer Glau, but OMG WESLEY IS GONNA BE ON DOLLHOUSE YAY.

[EDIT] And this hasn't been on my media news site, only on celebrity gossip sites. But I think it'll be fun to see how much longer Chelsea Handler's media blitz continues now.

- Chelsea Handler on her breakup with boss/boyfriend Comcast CEO Ted Harbert: "I only comment on other people's lives, not my own."
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2009-08-26 10:08 am

Morning Nooz is FIERCE

- After much speculation on her next on-air project, Paula Abdul was tapped by VH1 to host the live concert program, VH1 Divas. Female artists scheduled to perform during the live telecast on September 17 at 9p include Jordin Sparks, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus. The event will feature the artists performing together at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, NY as well as other presenters and special guests. Similar to previous specials, this VH1 Divas will raise money for the non-profit organization, VH1 Save The Music Foundation whose mission is to restore instrumental music education in American public schools and stressing the importance of music as part of a child's education.

I could give two shits about what Paula Abdul is up to, but remember when the Divas specials on VH1 had, like, ARETHA FRANKLIN on them? Are we already out of really good female singers? And I love Kelly, but aren't three of those people from American Idol? Maybe it's just because Jordin Sparks irritates me, but ech.
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2009-08-25 10:04 am

The Triumphant Return of Morning Nooz

- Expanding upon its usual purview of weather conditions, The Weather Channel launches a new digital music site – TheWeatherChannelMusic.com – this morning, selling tracks from major labels and independent artists currently featured as background music on the network. Genres include rock, easy listening, acoustic and jazz classics.

- After facing competition, MTV gained the rights to develop a new US version of the UK series Skins. The coming-of-age series is written by a group of British teenagers who are learning about growing up and finding love and happiness. The father/son team of Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain created the series which ran on E4 and Channel 4 in the UK. Brian Elsley, through Stormdog, will be involved as writer and executive producer for the US edition. MTV is also opting to find a group of unknown American teenagers to write and star in the series which will be set in Baltimore. Skins will be produced by Company Pictures, a unit of ALL3MEDIA and Stormdog, the original companies behind the UK version. Company Pictures' Charlie Pattinson and George Faber will also executive produce.
...I can't remember if any of my flist likes this show, or if it's just really popular in all my icon communities, so everyone knows what it is. Oh well. I think it'll be funny to see how MTV adapts the show, as it's probably an hourlong program with no commercials in the UK, and on MTV, it'll be 22 minutes of music video with 8 minutes of plot, stretched to an hour every week.
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2009-08-18 11:57 pm



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2009-07-08 11:20 pm

I loves the intarwebs.

Put your music library on shuffle.
Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up.
The game: Guess which songs the first lines are from!
Google = cheating.

And similar to [livejournal.com profile] k_diddy's rule, if the first line of the song has the title in it, this is the first line after that.

I claim no responsibility for you being horrified by my music collection. And you will be.

01. Darlin' I been around/Yeah, I been up and down your block/In fact I have been all over town
02. The tree in the front of the yard is starting to grow
03. I'm not surprised it's come to this/Sooner or later there must be another's kiss
04. Maybe it would be fun/to get a new opinion/get a little work done/and forget
05. So I sing a song/to reel 'em in
06. Sitting on the shelf/he is just a toy
07. I dreamt of a fever/one that would cure me of this cold winter-set heart
08. I saw a spider/I didn't scream
09. How can you see into my eyes/like open doors?
10. All the train came trippin thru the station
11. One day/I'll find relief/I'll be arrived/and I'll be a friend to my friends who know how to be friends
12. Okay then back to basics/grab your shell-toes and your fat laces
13. Come into my life/regress into a dream
14. I got the best present for Christmas/but I don't want to gloat
15. I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London Underground/when it struck me
16. Do you feel like I do/Tired of everything?
17. Words like violence/break the silence
18. Years ago I knew a man/he was my mother's biggest fan
19. What a shame we all became such fragile broken things
20. On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
21. I know a carpenter who had a dream/you could kill the man but you couldn't kill the dream
22. I've seen them kneel with bated breath for the ritual
23. Lying in my bed/I hear the clock tick and think of you
24. Cruelty makes its holes/but on the shoreline/time will hold its promise
25. Lingers on the tip of my tongue/.../Blame it on the beat of the drum (the first line and the ellipse have the song title in them)
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2009-06-29 12:22 pm

In Which I Talk About Lady Gaga

Have you heard of this Lady Gaga chick? She sings songs about dancing and sex and there's a good beat and I can dance to it, so I listen to her pretty much nonstop on NJ Transit. I did not, however, know she had as many music videos as she does.

Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich from dark-red on Vimeo.

Look at that! "I'm so rich, I hired replicants from Blade Runner to be my accountants, though we seem to have an inefficient way of counting all our money. Should we use this money to buy pants? NEVER."

Lady Gaga - Lovegame from Johnny Tran on Vimeo.

And this! It starts out breakdance fighting in a gay fight club, and then by the end of it, she's dressed like that chick from Sorcerer Hunters! Neat!

She's absurdly ridiculous, and I think I love her a little. For me, summer is a time for listening to silly pop songs that just make me happy, because it is summer. The time for introspection and misery is when it already looks like shit outside (thank you for performing that duty, Bright Eyes).
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2009-06-23 05:02 pm

"Grounded" as in, made him sit in his room for 5 minutes...?

Behind the Scenes at The Last Airbender set

It was all fun and games until this poked me in the eye: "We grounded Katara's brother, who's the comic relief in the show. We grounded him, and that really did wonderful things for the whole theme of the movie."


Sad Pandagiraffe.