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- Expanding upon its usual purview of weather conditions, The Weather Channel launches a new digital music site – TheWeatherChannelMusic.com – this morning, selling tracks from major labels and independent artists currently featured as background music on the network. Genres include rock, easy listening, acoustic and jazz classics.

- After facing competition, MTV gained the rights to develop a new US version of the UK series Skins. The coming-of-age series is written by a group of British teenagers who are learning about growing up and finding love and happiness. The father/son team of Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain created the series which ran on E4 and Channel 4 in the UK. Brian Elsley, through Stormdog, will be involved as writer and executive producer for the US edition. MTV is also opting to find a group of unknown American teenagers to write and star in the series which will be set in Baltimore. Skins will be produced by Company Pictures, a unit of ALL3MEDIA and Stormdog, the original companies behind the UK version. Company Pictures' Charlie Pattinson and George Faber will also executive produce.
...I can't remember if any of my flist likes this show, or if it's just really popular in all my icon communities, so everyone knows what it is. Oh well. I think it'll be funny to see how MTV adapts the show, as it's probably an hourlong program with no commercials in the UK, and on MTV, it'll be 22 minutes of music video with 8 minutes of plot, stretched to an hour every week.
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