Jan. 8th, 2009

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So this was my favorite of the Batman movies when I was a kid. It was on ABC Family tonight and I was all about it. And it's pretty awful. My god, I had bad taste when I was 12.

Bruce Wayne: I'm having crazy flashbacks to when my parents died when I was a child and going to their funeral and I might be having a psychological breakthrough, which you might be interested in as my psychiatrist.
Chase NicoleKidman: OMG let's make out. *gasp!* You kiss the same way as Batman and therefore I now know you are Batman!

Also, I want to declare a moratorium on the "ID by kissing" thing. Now, I'm pretty sure none of my boyfriends have been masked vigilantes that I've also been attracted to, but seriously. If I were making out with Batman, I would not be mentally comparing dental records to every dude I'd ever kissed. Rather, I'd be all, "KISSING IS AWESOME."

And how did I never notice that Nicole Kidman has the worst American accent ever? Is it because she was still married to crazy Tom Cruise and he got Tom Cruise crazy on her? I don't know.


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